On May 21, CCL filed its brief opposing certiorari in the Supreme Court in Airbus Helicopter, Inc. v. Riggs, arguing that no issue of great national importance or any circuit conflict presented itself in the Ninth Circuit's favorable ruling to the client CCL shares with co-counsel Robb & Robb of Kansas City.

     The case involves the death of a tourist, who suffered fatal burns when the tour helicopter on which he was a passenger made an emergency hard landing and burst into flames. A complaint filed in Nevada state court alleged that the helicopter was defectively designed because it lacked a crash-resistant system, now standard, that would have prevented the fire. 

    Airbus, manufacturer of the helicopter, removed the case to federal court, claiming that it certified the airworthiness of the helicopter as a official designee of the Federal Aviation Administration, making it the equivalent of being an officer of the federal government. The plaintiffs successfully moved to remand the case from federal to state court, supported by the defendant helicopter tour company, but Airbus appealed. The Ninth Circuit, however, affirmed the remand order of the U.S. District Court. Airbus then petitioned for certiorari. Thursday's filing, opposing certiorari on behalf of the plaintiffs, was again supported by the Nevada-based defendants. 

    Airbus will have an opportunity to reply to the two briefs in opposition, after which the Supreme Court will vote on whether to take the case. A decision on the certiorari petition is expected in June.