CCL filed a petition for a writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court on behalf of John Devos, a Minnesota resident injured in the course of his employment in Minnesota. His claim was denied, however, because Devos was employed by a North Dakota company -- and Minnesota's workers compensation law uniquely makes North Dakota workers compensation benefits the exclusive remedy for injuries in Minnesota by employees of North Dakota companies.

     The relevant statutory amendments were added in 2005 when North Dakota's workers compensation system, a state-run monopoly, pleaded that many North Dakota companies could not afford the $600 per year in premiums to cover Minnesota. However, in 2010, the same agency began covering North Dakota employers wherever their employees were sent to work.

     Under the Minnesota statute, if Devos worked for a South Dakota or even a Florida company, Minnesota workers compensation, significantly more generous than North Dakota's, would cover him. Only North Dakota employers receive this special dispensation in Minnesota. 

     The Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed the constitutional challenge without argument, simply finding that the plaintiff had failed to demonstrate why the exemption violated equal protection. 

     The case is Devos v. Rhino Contracting, Inc., No 20-159. Responses to the petition are due September 24.