CCL filed separate oppositions to motions to stay discovery filed by Bank of America and Chase in Fair Housing Act cases brought by the City of Miami Gardens, Florida. The banks, defendants in separate cases before the same judge, filed motions to dismiss the city's lawsuits against them, claiming that the city lacks standing, that the city cannot satisfy the statute of limitations, and that the city does not adequately plead that the banks are the proximate cause of the city's loss of property tax revenue as a result of discriminatory mortgage lending. Shortly after filing the motions to dismiss, the banks asked the court to stay discovery until their motions are decided.

    In its opposition to the stays, CCL's brief argues that precedent rejects stays unless two conditions are met. First, the motion to dismiss must be so strong that the city has no real defense to it. Second, that the motion to dismiss has been pending for an unseemly length of time, making a stay proper. Neither condition is met, CCL told the court. A slew of judicial decisions in related or similar cases supports the validity of the city's complaint, plus the motion to dismiss is so recent that the City has not yet filed its response.

     CCL represents Miami Gardens along with the City Attorney's office, Trial and Appellate Resources in California, and the Peretz law firm in Oakland, California.