In a brief filed today, CCL argued that the State of Florida's motion to dismiss two counts in a First Amendment challenge it filed should be denied.

      In RAF v. Brown, CCL has challenged the constitutionality of a 2021 state law that prevents roofing contractors from doing anything that might encourage a homeowner to make a claim under the homeowner's insurance policy. The law transparently attempts to keep homeowners in the dark about the coverage that the policy they have paid for might provide. On November 22, CCL will argue in favor of a preliminary injunction on the law.

       Even while that motion for injunctive relief remains pending, the State has sought to dismiss two minor claims relating to whether the law violated the impairment of contracts provision in the U.S. Constitution and one argument against a provision that imputes legal violations of third-parties to contractors. 

       The brief filed today argues that Florida's complaint about the skeletal nature of two sentences in the complaint fails to read the complaint as a whole and the much more substantive description of the claims that becomes evident from that reading. No date has yet been set for argument on the motion for a partial dismissal.