With unusual speed, the U.S. Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a $48 million verdict in favor of an injured airport baggage handler October 16, in a case argued by CCL’s Robert S. Peck just two weeks earlier. Vito Saladino suffered severe injuries, sufficient to render him a quadriplegic, when the hood of the baggage tractor he was riding as a passenger at the end of his shift, was blown open by jetwash from a test start at a gate at JFK airport, breached the passenger compartment, and hit him on the head. The Second Circuit’s summary order in Saladino v. Stewart & Stevenson Services, Inc. affirmed the judgment in all respects, finding the evidence sufficient to support liability, rejecting the defendants’ argument that no liability should attach because the optional cab of the tractor had been removed, that expert testimony was necessary to establish the placement and wording of the missing warnings, that Saladino did not need a warning as an allegedly knowledgeable user, and that the District Court abused its discretion under New York law in upholding a $15 million award for past and future pain and suffering.