After 10 years as a key attorney at CCL, Senior Litigation Counsel Andre M. Mura has left CCL to become a partner at Gibbs Law Group LLP in Oakland, California.

While at CCL, Andre briefed and argued cases in numerous state supreme courts and federal appellate courts, and he authored briefs filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, at both the petition and merits stages. Andre also handled complex litigation and dispositive motions in state trial and federal district courts. Among his accomplishments, he was the architect of a series of constitutional challenges to laws in Missouri that restricted access to courts. This litigation, most importantly, resulted in a favorable decision by the Missouri Supreme Court in overruling of a 20-year-old precedent that had diminished the constitutional right of jury trial and struck the state’s cap on non-economic damages. Andre was counsel of record in the case, Watts v. Lester E. Cox Medical Centers.  The Missouri Supreme Court subsequently relied on Watts in unanimously striking  a punitive damage cap.

Andre originally came to CCL as an intern, while a student at George Washington University Law School. Upon graduation, he became an associate at CCL, then a counsel, and later a senior litigation counsel. As he departed CCL, he enjoyed one last victory as a member of the firm, defeating a motion for summary judgment on an issue of preemption.

CCL wishes Andre all the best and much success as he takes on new challenges at his new law firm!