CCL President Robert S. Peck served as moderator on November 18 for the “Conversation with the Chief Justices,” a wide-ranging discussion between state supreme court chief justices and members of the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) Lawyers Committee and Corporate Counsel Committees. Peck has served as the moderator for this annual Washington, D.C. event since it was started three years ago. Much of the discussion centered around recent attacks on courts and funding issues, as well as the role of the bar in defending the courts and helping secure adequate funding. The discussion was followed later that evening with the annual Rehnquist Dinner at the Supreme Court of the United States, hosted by Chief Justice John Roberts.

The following morning, Peck chaired the annual meeting of the NCSC Lawyers Committee, where he welcomed new members. The Committee discussed developments in the courts, were briefed by NCSC staff, and discussed future plans. Peck is a former co-chair of the Committee, substituting that morning for the current co-chairs, both of whom had court appearances.