After Members of Congress and newspaper editorials across the country advocated that President Donald Trump needed to be removed from office immediately, CCL President Robert S. Peck did a number of television interviews about the meaning of impeachment with only 13 days left in the Administration, the process of the 25th Amendment, and the consequences of removal by that amendment.

     Peck explained that an impeachment process can be done quickly, if Congress had the will to do so. He also explained that ineligibility for future office does not automatically follow a conviction following impeachment. Instead, Congress has to explicitly include those terms in the impeachment and conviction.

     Peck also explained the process anticipated by the 25th Amendment, its origins, use, and how it does not have the effect of rendering the removed president permanently disabled from seeking the presidency again.

     Peck's interviews appeared on Washington, DC CBS affiliate WUSA-9 and Toronto's CTV news channel.