CCL President Robert S. Peck argued against a suggestion to rename the Supreme Court building after the first Justice John Marshall Harlan, a topic of discussion because of an advocacy piece published by Politico. In his biweekly post in the Appellate Advocacy Blog, a part of the law professors blog network, Peck called the suggestion provocative, but ultimately inconsequential because it was unlikely to occur.

     The suggestion by Sarah Isgur, nonetheless, was fun to discuss, Peck said, because it caused some reflection both on the Court and Justice Harlan. Still, he concluded that a building dedicated to the rule of law and not of men should not be named after any individual. Moreover, to Isgur's suggestion that it would help tell the Court's story, Peck said that the Court's story was better told through its decisions. The blog posting can be found at A Provocative Suggestion to Name the Supreme Court Building After a Single Justice.